Learning Sanskrit

Learning Sanskrit

Learn Sanskrit and open the door to the timeless secrets of the Vedas. The Vedas, India's storehouse of knowledge, both material and spiritual, are written in the Sanskrit language. These books are your key to unlocking the mysteries of India's Vedic texts.

Sanskrit is a language which is known by very few people in this world. As you know nothing is impossible. To learn Sanskrit, you can take the help of Learning Sanskrit book which is available at Krishna Store.

Krishna Store is a remarkable provider of a book that will help to the Sanskrit language in an easy and prompt manner. Once learned Sanskrit, you will able to enter the doors that are written in Vedas. The Vedas are written in the Sanskrit language which restricts you to read and understand it properly. The fact is that the Sanskrit language is a key to unlocking the real knowledge written in these holy books.

It is proud to say that while preparing and manufacturing Learning Sanskrit book, the level of accuracy, simplicity, and purity were taken into consideration. By the time, many of devotees have learnt the Sanskrit language by way of this miracle. Now it’s your turn to be the next one. Good Luck!  https://www.krishnstore.com/book

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Amarasara - A Sanskrit-English and English-Sanskrit Pocket Dictionary


New Condition Handmade Supply Made to order Ships worldwide from Mathura, India Product Description :-An Abridgment of AmarakoshaThe Amarasara Dictionary is a Pocket-sized Sanskrit Dictionary with Sanskrit-English and English-Sanskrit sections. It is considered to be a very good dictionary, considering its low price. In this book the auth..

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