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The musical instruments need for chanting kirtan are offered by Krishna Store. We offer different types of musical instruments Bathing Conch Shell / Shankh, Bell Metal Kartals - Hand Cymbals, Clay Mridanga Drum, Mridanga Fiber Drum, Whompers - Brass Hand Cymbals, mridang,  kartals, and much more. All the musical instruments have the top-notch quality as these will not become stuck during the Kirtans or Bhajans. You can buy these musical high-quality instruments at economical prices. 

Since many years, we have been offering these musical instruments to our p[restigious customers, we never get any complaint regarding these. Our customers are glad about our services. They love to purchase more musical instruments from us. Even you can purchase these instruments for gifting purposes to devotees. Once ordered right from us will offer you to get within 2-3 days. Moreover, the quality of these musical instruments that will deliver by us will be very high. Hence don’t worry about it.
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Bathing Conch Shell / Shankh


New Condition Handmade Supply Made to order Ships worldwide from Mathura, India Product Description :- The shankha is a sacred emblem used as a trumpet in Hindu ritual,and in the past was used as a war trumpet.The shankha is praised in Hindu scriptures as a giver of fame,longevity and prosperity, the cleanser of sin and the abode of L..


Bell Metal Kartals - Hand Cymbals


#       New Condition#       Handmade Supply      #       Ships worldwide from Mathura, IndiaProduct Description:-Manjeera Indian Percussion Instrument Hand Cymbals for Hindu Bhajans 2.5 Inches A pair of hand cymbals|Made in brass|Diameter of each cymbal 2.5 inches|Atta..


Clay Mridanga Drum


#       New Condition#       Handmade Supply      #       Ships worldwide from Mathura, IndiaProduct Description:- The beats produced on the faces of the Mridangam are ""Chaapu Naadham"",""Meethu Naadham"" and ""Thoppi"". All these sounds must be corresponsing to each other. To tune t..


Mridanga Fiber Drum


#       New Condition#       Handmade Supply      #       Ships worldwide from Mathura, IndiaProduct Description:- Mirdangam,the primary percussion instrument of South Indian Carnatic Music & Dance is made of fiber .The two sided instrument produces the bass on the left side and t..


Whompers - Brass Hand Cymbals


#       New Condition#       Handmade Supply      #       Ships worldwide from Mathura, IndiaProduct Description:- Brass Whompers, large size. Indian hand cymbals for accompanying devotional song. Can be used for ecstatic, fired up Kirtan.Attached with cotton thread cord|Handcrafted i..

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