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Hare Krishna Stickers

Gifting greeting cards having pictures of Hare Krishna is a praiseworthy idea. You can gift beautiful greeting cards, invitation To beautify your home in very fewer efforts, adding stickers and patches will be great. Even the kids like to add stickers in their books, cupboards, toys, and at other places. For this, Krishna store starts offering the sticker and patches engraved with beautiful poses of Hare Krishna, smiling face of Jagannatha stickers, Hare Krishna Maha Mantra stickers, 3D spiritual stickers, and much more surprises.

The quality and material used to make and design these stickers are awesome and full of brightness, influencing, and very pretty. To select the best one as per your likings, take the help of the following pictures. The quality depicting over below will be the same you will receive.  

Our Stickers and patches gallery includes 3D Spiritual Stickers - 15 Pack, Maha Mantra Stickers Krishna &Prabhupada Images - 10 pack, Spiritual Stickers for Glass - Radha, Krishna, Prabhupada, Maha Mantra - 20 pack, etc. even bulk orders of Stickers and patches welcome by us.

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3D Spiritual Stickers - 15 Pack


only on s to you this 3D quailty stickers,pictures of Krishna, Radha, Durga, Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesh, Hanuman, Rama, Om sign, sanskrit words, and are 15 image different in pack of pack,this are very beautiful and unique stickers,you can pest in your kitchen, room,every where as you like,we supply worldwide with free shipping..


Maha Mantra Stickers Krishna & Prabhupada Images - 10 pack


This is very beautiful and amazing printed sticker on thick card paper,this ppake of 10 sticker include 5 stickers of srila prabhupada and 5 sticker of krishna,this is write in hindi text,you can pest in room, kitchen and out door,every where you can pest it, full mahamantra,we supply worldwide with free shipping.30cmX5cm size..


Spiritual Stickers for Glass - Radha, Krishna, Prabhupada, Maha Mantra - 20 pack


We bring to you in best quailty stickers on thick card paper,this is very beautifuul stickers in english,they are for transparent,like a glaas shop,your office door in glass,windows,size are approx 9 inches,we supply worldwide with free shipping...

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