• Prabhuapda Life-size Deity (Murti) Clothing
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Prabhupada life-size murti clothing set in cotton or silk fabric. Includes Srila Prabhupada's kurta, the piece of
cloth that goes over his shoulder, his dhoti and his bead bag. This is in saffron colored cotton. It is suitable for
the standard size Prabhupada murtis which are worshiped in all ISKCON temples. The kurta opens up completely
as you can see from the image below and is fastened by velcro strips. This means you can use this kurta on any
Prabhupada murti even if he is playing the kartals or his hands are in some position where you could not put a
normal kurta on him.

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Prabhuapda Life-size Deity (Murti) Clothing

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