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Excellent quality real original Yak Tail chamara fan for Deity worship. These deluxe traditional chamars are the
complete bunch of hair from a yak (which quickly grows back after being removed). These are in short supply
and difficult to get. This is exactly the same style of chamara the gopis used to fan Krishna and Mother Yasoda
used to worship Krishna. We have limited stocks and do not know how long we will be able to offer this product
so if you want a real chamara please order it now.

Approximate measurements:

Large - 10" Handle 16" Hair
Medium - 8" Handle 13.5" Hair
Small - 6.5" Handle 11" Hair


  • Religious Products
  • Chamara - Economy Yak Tail Fan / Whisk for Deity worship,
  • Iskcon Accesories, ornaments, mala, bead bags, japa bags, conch, shankh etc
  • god's Crown Necklace,deity Crown & Necklace,murti Crown & Necklace Haar, Mala, mukut
  • Radha Krishna Black Brass Deity, Mathura - Vrindavan products

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Chamara - Real Deluxe Yak Tail Fan / Wisk

  • $40.00

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