• T-Shirt Krishna Holding Flute (brown) - All-over print

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Best quality t-shirt.  Colorfast fabric. All over print, brown color T-Shirt of Krishna holding His transcendental flute. Like all brightly colored cloths please wash in cold water and do not use bleaches or harsh detergants. Crafted with excellent quality made of 100% Bio-Wash Cotton and of superior design to make you fall for our entire range.The exact T-shirt could be a bit different than the one in the picture and vary in color.Super smooth fabrics,The neppy effect with its characteristic dotted pattern and rolled-up sleeves lend this shirt its timeless vintage appeal.Super smooth fabrics, Used look thanks to rolled seems on collar and sleeves.The Spreadshirt Collection stands for best-possible print results on top-quality products.Material: 100% cotton,Comes highly recommended!  Enjoy the festival with full zeal and make yourself submerged in the love of Krishna.

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T-Shirt Krishna Holding Flute (brown) - All-over print

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