Gaura Nitai

Gaura Nitai Deities

It is a pleasure to share that the deities of GauraNitai have handcrafted in Vrindavan, India by way of veteran and skilled craftsmanship. The fact is that Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda are Gaura-Nitai, and they are the most merciful form of Krishna. While worshipping Radha-Krishna, it will be blessed to buy GauraNitai deities.

Krishna Store is a well-remarkable destination offers GauraNitai Deities in different varieties. You can buy Embroidery crown and Necklace set, Gaur Nitai Deity Hair Wigs, Stones Crown and Necklace set, etc. you can also purchase Gaur Nitai Brass Deity. All the material used to make these deities are of the high-quality. It looks amazing. It will be used for prolonged once purchased. You can also purchase different types of necklaces, stone crowns, etc. to influence your lord.
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Embroidery Crown & Necklace Set


Embroidery Crown & Necklace Set is handmade items. A complete set for the deities , size of necklace is 6 cm long. This two crown & necklace is beautiful and used for dieties. supply world wide free shipping at very discount prices. ..


Gaur Nitai Brass Deity


Gaur Nitai Brass Deity is made ofr pure brass. This deity is looking beautiful . Gaur nitai is known as Gauranga, Gauranga is Lord sri krishna and Nityananda Prabhu is none other than Sri Balram. We supply our products world wide free shipping at very discount prices.  ..


Gaur Nitai Deity Hair Wigs (Set of 2)


Deity Gaur Nitai Hair Wigs set is useful for deities . One hair wig for Gaur ji and One hair wig for Nitai ji. This wigs is simple and black colored. supply world wide free shipping at very cheapest prices. ..


Stones Crown & Necklace Set


Stones Crown & Necklace Set is beautiful green color. The crown is decorated green & yellow stones and the mukut also decorated green , yellow stones and white mala. This pair is suitable for the deities of Radha krishna. This Two crown & necklace set is matching for Deities. We supply world wide free shipping at very discount prices in..

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