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For a Krishna Conscious person, a home, or any space is incomplete without having Krishna in it. Although the divine is everywhere and its presence can be felt in the heart, it’s always a good idea to have the idol of Lord Krishna for the mind to concentrate on the divine image in a much better way.

That’s the way we have humans have been designed by the Almighty. Hence, bringing deities to home, or at your work space can offer you a better environment to meditate on the Krishna without getting deluded in your countless thoughts that can engulf you without letting you know.

Shop Radha-Krishna, Jagannatha, Gaura-Nitai and Laddu Gopal Deities only from the Krishn Store that comes with the best price tag, and offers an unprecedented quality that stays with you during your entire lifetime. Apart from the deities, we have a wide range of aarti trays for deity worship