• Aroti Bell for Deity Worship -- Brass
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Beautiful brass bell. Can be used for aroti or ringing while offering bhoga to Krishna.
Brass Bell or Ghanti is an Indian bell used in Hindu rituals. These bells are used in mandirs/ temples as well as in home. It is used for worshipping purposes. Ghanta is sounded prior to actual Puja and praise commences. It is often called as Pooja bell or Ghanti. Hand held bells are held in left hand and rung continuously while the various other Puja items are offered to God with right hand. It is considered that the ringing bells wards off evil spirit and is pleasant to God. Producing sharp sound by bell or Ghanti, considered very sacred. There are many types of bells including typical Indian bell and Tibetan bell. When, we use bell during prayers, good feelings along with spirit and faith in God increases. The devotee rings bell as soon as he enters Mandir or temple.

Brass Incense Holder Size Chart:
Small: 1.8"(inches) Height, Diameter  1.6"(inches)
Medium: 2.2"(inches) Height, Diameter 1.9"(inches)
Large: 2.7"(inches) Height, Diameter 2.2"(inches)

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Aroti Bell for Deity Worship -- Brass

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